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enough for study.At present, s●tudy, too, would be treason a●gainst the[Pg 231] cause of freedom.▓The universities are only po▓litical camps awaiting the call to arms▓ and nothing more. But in this resp●ect, a

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t least, they must be glad of thei▓r independent university courts—that is, tha▓t at any rate they punish their youthf●ul misdeeds more leniently than the police.● No.In the first place, it is only d▓isciplinary mat

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ters over which our court ha▓s jurisdiction; and then, in the second pl▓ace, you forget that the students do ●not at all want to be mildly t▓reated, but to be sacrificed. ▓Of course.It is hard to reckon wit▓h motive

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s that one scarcely understands.But one● thing is still unintelligible to me.●It cannot exactly be said that Russ▓ia is a radical country in th▓e sense that the whole upper stratum is ▓radical.How is it that the stu

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